Sasha Mercedes is the poster child for the real American girl. She is the definition of edgy folk!” - Sarah Reilein

— The Reader

Originally hailing from the rugged shores of Lake Superior, Sasha Mercedes writes image-provoking songs and delivers them with passion and conviction. Her powerful voice turns heads, as she beats on her guitar, brow furrowed and snarling! Mercedes has released five Americana solo albums, and though there will always be a soft spot in her heart for singer-songwriter stylings, Mercedes hasn't been tethered to any genre. She was the front-woman for Twin Cities-based rock band, Hot Pink Hangover, as well as the hook writer and fellow performer in Minneapolis hip hop trio, Channeling Grey. She has traveled the world making music and drawing inspiration out of every experience, which is evident in the lyrics of her brilliantly crafted compositions. She has shared the stage with TLC, Badflower, Dar Williams, Don Mclean, Tracy Bonham, Guy Davis, Pete Seeger, and others. She may seem hard on the outside but Mercedes has always believed that rugged shores can polish even the roughest of stones.

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